Attach to a Standard Painter’s Extension Pole [Not Included]
Remove Fruit Safely & Conveniently

How It Works

How it Works

Shake Safely!

Safety is priority #1. To prevent injury, avoid power lines and do not work from a ladder. Use a long extension pole that allows you to stand clear of falling fruit and debris.

Shake Well

Shake Well!

Identify a fruit-filled branch and give it a vigorous shake. This method is ideal for trees with fruit that can fall off easily, such as apples, apricots, plums, etc. For best results, find some friends to hold a tarp or sheet and catch the falling fruit. Fruit that is shaken from the tree may become bruised and needs to be consumed within a few days.

Shake Often

Shake Often!

Thinning fruit trees can lead to larger, more flavorful fruit at harvest time. When blossoms start to emerge, lightly shake the tree to knock off flowers and light fruit a couple of times a week until the fruit is about half size.